"Restart" your energy for life with a total wellness program specially designed for you! Our BioenergetiX Wellness System will scan to Assess, Unblock, Correct, and free the body energy flow, as well as correct information in the body-field, activating it's self-restoring abilities. 



"Recharge" by balancing the emotional mind and body,  to help uplift emotions, increase energy, promote grounding, mental acuity, relaxed mental focus/concentration, reduce headaches, and more.



"Renew"  your physical body to help dissolve underlying energetic imbalances that can result in poor health, alleviate deep muscular tension,  improve physical strength, energy, endurance, sleep management and relaxation.



"Restore" physically and mentally from your stressful environment, filled with emotional stress! Detox pollutants, food additives, and other harmful toxins. Reestablish the acid/alkaline balance to increase your energy field and immune system.